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Haver happened

World champion Thomas Haver was in town last weekend to play in a Rummikub tournament at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair at Navy Pier. After the tournament on Saturday night, we hosted a Diplomacy game at the Red Lion for him and road-trip companion Grant Maki. The game ended by time limit after the Fall 1906 turn in the following center counts:



Austria (Hunter Koerner): 0; 0.000 points.
England (David St. John): 10; 34.722 points.
France (Thomas Haver): 9; 28.125 points.
Germany (Mike Esposito): 0; 0.000 points.
Italy (Grant Maki): 5; 8.681 points.
Russia (Sam Bassett): 1; 0.347 points.
Turkey (Matt Sundstrom): 9; 28.125 points.

The supply center chart is here.

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