Black Jack Friday

Bull Weasel Matt Sundstrom hosted a Black Friday game of Diplomacy at his home in Glenview on Friday. And on that day, the 2014 club champion took a backseat to his son Jack.

The game ended by draw vote in Spring 1912 in the following center counts:



Austria (Tony Prokes): 0; 0.000 points.
England (Grant Smith): 1; 0.303 points.
France (Don Glass): 5; 7.576 points.
Germany (Amanda Baumgartner): 12; 43.636 points.
Italy (Chris Cantine): 0; 0.000 points.
Russia (Matt Sundstrom): 4; 4.848 points.
Turkey (Jack Sundstrom): 12; 43.636 points.

The supply center chart is here. Players, how about some commentary?


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  1. Matt Sundstrom

    I’ll throw in a little color. We chose countries by preference lists. Germany and England were chosen by three people each. Only Tony was uncontested in his first choice of Austria. He would live (or die) to regret that. Once everything was sorted, Jack Sundstrom was Turkey to my Russia. He was very eager to use the Sundstrom opening and did. Thankfully, I know a little bit about defending it. Tony skipped the move to Gal which was hugely helpful. Chris in Italy went after Tony. That made him an appealing target. Jack changed course and moved Bul-Gre and Arm-Bul successfully. His game was set. RT developed and hurt Austria badly. Tony did his usual job of holding on but eventually was crushed in Tuscany. Oddly, it was the west that crushed him. The game had enveloped into west vs. RT for several turns. Amanda in Germany was therefore able to switch directions and take English or Russian dots depending on the year.

    Let it be known that RT would have been able to make substantial progress west. But Jack got board and went for the easy dots behind my lines. I turned on him with Amanda’s blessing. They basically took turns nipping at me until the draw was approved. Jack should have had 13 at that point. But he misordered an attack on Moscow and failed to retreat to an open Warsaw. To his credit, that was his first real blunder of the game. One might argue some of his decisions. But he did very well with the pieces in most cases. So let it be known there is not much reason to be kind to him because of his youth.

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