Bar Room Brawl Series heats up

Last night’s game at the Red Lion was the fourth in this year’s Bar Room Brawl Series, and with their shared board-top, Matt Sundstrom and Jim O’Kelley are back atop the standings. Chasing them, however, are a bunch of new faces. Check out the complete standings here.

A total of 19 players have participated in the four games. Next up is another Red Wednesday event, December 10 at the Red Lion in Lincoln Square. Make your plans to join us.


Each player’s best three bar games count toward his or her composite score. At the end of the season, the top seven players, regardless of membership status, will be invited to participate in the Brawl Championship Game. The 2014 Championship Game will be played on December 17 at the Lion. O’Kelley won the inaugural Brawl Championship Game last year.

Note that the Brawl’s eligibility requirements differ from the Weasel Royale Club Championship Game. Only paid-up members are eligible to compete for the Bull Weasel title in the Royale.

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