It’s Brawl set!

The 2014 Bar Room Brawl championship game will take place December 17 at the Red Lion. We’ll try to start as close to 6 as we can and wrap up no later than 11. Feel free to come out for some drinks, dinner, and to watch seven of the top finishers in last season’s Bar Room Brawl Series duke it out for the 2014 title. Who knows, if there’s sufficient interest, maybe we can even field an Undercard game.

The seven combatants, in seed order, are:


  1. Jim O’Kelley
  2. Matt Sundstrom
  3. Chris Kelly
  4. David St. John
  5. Josh Heffernan
  6. Don Glass
  7. Ben DiPaola

Note that if Nate Cockerill is able to attend, he will be the top seed and Ben will be the first alternate. The other alternates, in seed order, are Amber Bree and John Gramila.

Hope to see you on the 17th!

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    Change to the lineup. Ben DiPaola is out, John Gramila is in. Game on for Wednesday.

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