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The Undercard is with the Undertaker, but the #WeaselRoyale starts in just about an hour. Follow along at @WindyCityWeasel.

As the sixth alternate, Ben DiPaola wasn’t expecting to play. He was cool with that. #ABullWeaselWillRise #WeaselRoyale

Will he who lives with a Glass name cast the first stone? #ABullWeaselWillRise #WeaselRoyale


Mike Morrison? We heard he was dead. #ABullWeaselWillRise #WeaselRoyale

The Prodigal Son flew in from San Francisco for this. #ABullWeaselWillRise #WeaselRoyale

Prokes won the Undercard. Can he play with the Varsity? A league-leading 4.83 tops suggests that he can. #ABullWeaselWillRise #WeaselRoyale

Once more into the breach goes Matt Sundstrom, the club’s first Grand Slam so close he can taste it. #ABullWeaselWillRise #WeaselRoyale

The hometown hero has played in every Royale. He even managed to win one of them. #ABullWeaselWillRise #WeaselRoyale

From these seven, #ABullWeaselWillRise, today at the #WeaselRoyale

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    And wouldn’t you know it, Mike Morrison was knocked out of the Royale Saturday morning when he discovered that a tree had fallen on his car during Friday’s storm. The 2014 Weasel Royale was as star crossed an event as there’s ever been.

    Seventh alternate Brad Harrington stepped in at the last minute.

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