Royale flush

David St. John, who qualified for the Weasel Royale by posting a 17-center board-top on the final day of the season, regretfully has announced that he cannot participate in the club championship game, which is set for November 1. St. John, who finished fourth, has family in town that weekend.

First alternate Josh Heffernan, the reigning Bull Weasel, also is unavailable, so Mike Morrison, the second alternate, will round out the Royale field. Tony Prokes, John Gramila and Matt Kade, meanwhile, all move up a spot. The revised lineup for the 2014 club championship game, in seed order, is as follows:


  1. Nate Cockerill, the 2012 champion playing in his fifth straight Royale.
  2. Jim O’Kelley, the 2010 champion and the only player to compete in every Royale.
  3. Matt Sundstrom, playing in his third straight Royale and sixth out of seven.
  4. Tony Prokes, the 2013 Undercard board-topper playing in his second Royale.
  5. John Gramila, playing in his second Royale in a year where he’s already one CODCon and Moot.
  6. Matt Kade, who will be flying in from San Francisco to participate in his first Royale.
  7. Mike Morrison, who will be playing in his third Royale.

Frome these seven, #ABullWeaselWillRise. But on the off chance that another person has to bail, the revised list of alternates looks like this: Chris Kelly, Don Glass and Peter Lokken.


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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    Another shakeup. Gramila, at No. 5, double booked and will be out of town. We’re currently lining up his replacement. Meanwhile, Kade and Morrison both move up a notch.

    Also, we’re working on the assumption that the Big Oozy will not be able to join us, so we’re going to try to line up a replacement for him, as well.

    Those of you who have been patiently awaiting phone calls in the event that someone who finished ahead of you would be unable to perform his duties in the Royale, expect a call shortly. šŸ™‚

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