A sneak peek at Season 10

Season Nine was another great year for the Weasels. We fielded 31 boards, including our 250th game. A total of 59 people played in our games. That number includes 21 new Weasels, six of whom were women and two who were British nationals.

In addition, the CODCon Open bounced back from a down year with seven boards and 22 players, 20 of whom were local. That was our best local turnout since WDC in 2012. And Weasel Moot weathered a drop in traveler attendance to field nine boards. The Moot numbers included four first-time travelers and five first-time locals.

The months ahead will feature two big games. Our seventh Weasel Royale club championship game has been scheduled for Nov. 1 at Dan Burgess’ home in Downers Grove, and soon we will set a date for our second Bar Room Brawl championship game.

We have more fun in store for Season 10. The Brawl Series will continue. Watch the site for an annoucement about the first bar game of the series. We’re also considering a few new ideas.


If there’s sufficient interest, we’re going to try to field an outdoor game at the Chess Shell on North Avenue Beach. That likely will happen on a Saturday or Sunday in September.

We also want to experiment with week-night house games. Peter Lokken will host the first one in Logan Square on a date to be determined soon.

And at the urging of active webdiplomacy.net player Scott Soren, who played with us at the Red Lion in April, we’re going to try a tablet game hosted by webdip at a home with wiFi.

Of course, we’ll also offer plenty of standard weekend games. The Undercard definitely will be back this year. In five of the first six Undercard games at the Weasel Royale, the board-topper has gone on to qualify for the Royale.

So, we can all look forward to another exciting year. Enjoy the brief off-season, and be ready to come out for Opening Night in September, date to be determined soon.

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  1. Kevin O'Kelly

    And we promised Grant Smith that we’d try a game in Madison. There’s at least 4 Weasels up in Cheesehead Land.

  2. Jim O'Kelley

    Yes, you’re right. I meant to include that in the sneak peak.

  3. Jim O'Kelley

    I think we’ve had five people drive down from Madison to play with us over the years: Marc Peters, John Ritz, Grant Smith, Tim Scheffler and Nelson Flynn. I’m not sure whether Tim is still there, but the others all are. Plus I believe Pignotti lives closer to Madison than he used to. He counts for, like, two or three Cheeseheads, easy.

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