Hroom, Hroom! The following Weasels have answered the summons for Weasel Moot VIII. It’s not too late to add your name to the list!


  1. AJ Roskam
  2. Ben DiPaola
  3. Cam Rowlands
  4. Chris Glassburn
  5. Chris Kelly
  6. Christian Kline
  7. Don Glass
  8. Edwin Turnage
  9. Frank Grek
  10. Graham Woodring
  11. Grant Smith
  12. Jim O’Kelley
  13. John Gramila
  14. Josh Heffernan
  15. Kevin O’Kelley
  16. Kevin O’Kelly
  17. Matt Sundstrom
  18. Mike Morrison
  19. Mike Whitty
  20. Nate Cockerill
  21. Nelson Flynn
  22. Paul Pignotti
  23. Pete McNamara
  24. Peter Lokken
  25. Sam Bassett
  26. Ted McClelland
  27. Tony Prokes

In addition, Tournament Director Dan Burgess will of course be there.

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