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The Bar Room Brawl Series is in the final stretch. Through 14 games with 33 players participating, Nate Cockerill remains in first place, a spot he’s occupied since soloing in the first game of the series.

Not much has changed among the top seven since we updated the standings after the April bar game. The same seven are atop the standings, but both Jim O’Kelley and Chris Kelly have improved their placing.

A slew of players still have a shot at cracking the field, and there likely will be at least one more game before the season ends at the Pyle on August 9. Watch the website for your next opportunity to play.

The complete standings are here. Each player’s best three scores in bar games counts toward his or her composite score. At the end of the season, the top seven players, regardless of membership status, will be invited to participate in the second annual Bar Room Brawl Championship Game at the Red Lion.

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    In a hobby that can’t seem to attract many female players, we’ve bucked that trend this year. Seven women have played in the Brawl so far. Now if we could just get them all to play on the same night…

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