At 8 p.m. on Thursday night, Nate Cockerill, John Gramila, Dan Burgess and I will embark on the long odyssey to Chapel Hill, N.C., honme of the World Diplomacy Championship at DixieCon. If we don’t kill ourselves or each other, we should arrive in time for breakfast at Ye Olde Waffle Shoppe on Franklin Street. You can follow our exploits on Twitter using #DixieOrBust.

The four of us won’t be the only Chicagoans in attendance. Matt Sundstrom will be taking the train down, a slightly more sensible choice. Once and hopefully future Weasel Jeremiah Peterson will be flying down. He likely will spend all his time vying for the title of Iron Man by playing anything other than Diplomacy.

The rest of us will have our sights on the world championship, but we’ll have to navigate shark-infested waters to gain the prize. This WDC looks like it will be slightly bigger than ours.


In addition to playing Dip, we’ll be there to submit the Weasels’ bid to host the 2016 world championship. You can review our bid here.


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