Last Hurrah before WDC

Help send Prime Weasel Nate Cockerill off to the WDC at DixieCon with a tune-up at the Red Lion!

Last Hurrah before WDC
When: May 21 at 6:30 p.m. until no later than 11.
Where: The Red Lion in Lincoln Square, 4749 N Rockwell.
What: One board of Diplomacy.
  1. Nate Cockerill
  2. Josh Heffernan
  3. Chris Kelly
  4. Don Glass
  5. Ulysses Peterson
  6. David St. John
  7. Mike Morrison

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  1. Josh

    So is this game gonna happen? Can we drum up 3 more?

  2. Jim O'Kelley

    Just need one more — two to be safe…

  3. Jim O'Kelley

    Mike Morrison makes seven. Have fun, all.

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