Prokes for Three…Swish

Our seventh annual March Madness campaign closed last Saturday with a fifth and final game at Matt Sundstrom’s home in Glenview. Game No. 242 was a taut affair with four lead changes and four players finishing within two centers of one another. When the buzzer sounded in Spring 1907, Tony Prokes had topped his club-leading third board of the season. The final center counts were:



Austria (Mike Morrison): 7; 19.758 points.
England (Tony  Prokes): 9; 32.661 points.
France (Nate Cockerill): 8; 25.806 points.
Germany (Matt Sundstrom): 1; 0.403 points.
Italy (Jack Sundstrom): 2; 1.613 points.
Russia (Brad Harrington): 0; 0.000 points.
Turkey (Chris Cantine): 7; 19.758 points.

The supply center chart is here.

The players came up with an interesting solution for the problem of an early departure for Nate Cockerill. They agreed to start rolling a die each turn about an hour before Nate had to leave. On the first turn, a roll of one would end the game. On the second turn, either a one or a two. And so on.

According to the host, the method added some welcome uncertainty to the game.

"You could even extend the odds of the game ending by using a 10-sided die," Sundstrom says. "Of course, you need a geek host who has one. … I have three."

We played a total of five March games this time around, one per weekend. Nineteen players participated. Mike Morrison led the way, playing in four games. Chris Cantine, Nate Cockerill, Ben DiPaola, Don Glass and Tony Prokes played in three each, and three others played in two games.

We didn’t experience a windfall of new recruits as we have in past campaigns. In fact, Cantine was our only new player. But it looks like he’s going to be an active one.

Next up for the Weasels is our eighth annual CODCon Open, this coming weekend at the College of DuPage. Please join us.

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    Many thanks to Matt and Jack for hosting.

    It was my best finish ever with the club. Of course, two centers would have been my best. My best with Turkey anywhere.

    Funny, I get the impression everyone except Austria was trying to use the Ottoman as their footstool.

  2. Matt Sundstrom

    I meant to write this comment with Jack’s help. He hosted too and thanks to Chris for the callout.

    Three moves mattered. In Spring 1901, everyone was supposed to attack Germany. Bur, Tyr, Boh and Sil. Jack thought this was true and funny. Nepotism is tough to negotiate but always bet on child attacking parent. And parent not attacking child.

    Beefy must have thought he was a genius. Jack was supposed to support Bur-Mun from Tyrol. I proposed supporting Tyrol-Mun from Ruhr. Jack liked that. We both followed through. Nate didn’t even move Mar-Spa. How oozy.

    That screwed up the rest of our games courtesy of Tony. I bounced Sweden to keep any friend. Brad was sufficiently pissed off to roll everything west. Even retreated a unit to Boh while he was being attacked. Italy helped Turkey into Greece expecting peace in the east. Austria disagreed and went for Venice. Spoiled the Italian push west.

    Great to have all of you. Should have another game this summer.

    Jack and Matt

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