2014 Dues-Paying Weasels

Thank you to the following club members who have paid dues for the 2014 calendar year. Dues are $25 in 2014, $10 for students. You may pay your dues by PayPaling to wcwsneak@gmail.com or by giving $25 to a Sneak member. Dues pay for our Meetup page, this website, our annual club awards, the Royale awards, a portion of the Brawl awards, and the Royale hosting expenses.


  1. Ben DiPaola
  2. Brad Harrington
  3. Chris Cantine
  4. Chris Kelly
  5. Chris Martin
  6. Christian Kline
  7. Craig Reges
  8. Dan Burgess
  9. David St. John
  10. Don Glass
  11. Eric Grinnel
  12. Jack Sundstrom
  13. Jim O’Kelley
  14. John Gramila
  15. John Ritz
  16. Josh Heffernan
  17. Kevin O’Kelley
  18. Kevin O’Kelly
  19. Kyle Brintnall
  20. Matt Kade
  21. Matt Sundstrom
  22. Mike Morrison
  23. Mike Whitty
  24. Nate Cockerill
  25. Nelson Flynn
  26. Peter Lokken
  27. Pete McNamara
  28. Rob Chase
  29. Tony Prokes


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