Not the title he hoped for…

The Big Oozy captured another title yesterday in his slow, slimy conquest of the Diplomacy hobby, but it wasn’t the one he hoped for.

At around 3:30 yesterday, the Royale and Undercard games broke for pizza. During the break, the Sneak met to elect officers for the 2014 club year and conduct other business. Members Dan Burgess, Jim O’Kelley, Ulysses Peterson, Nate Cockerill and Don Glass were present.

As the election opened, O’Kelley tried to mount support for a coup, but his rythmic chants went unanswered by his fellow Sneak members and/or the crowd of spectators. However, reminiscent of our nation’s first president, Burgess declared that he would honor the Sneak’s traditions and not seek an unprecedented third term as Prime Weasel.


Burgess’ benevolent, magnanimous act opened the door for Cockerill, who was unanimously elected Prime. Burgess was elected to Cockerill’s vacated War Weasel spot, and Peterson and O’Kelley held onto their roles as Treasurer and Chief of Public Information, respectively. Glass was elected Sub-Prime Weasel.

Absent members Peter Lokken (whipped) and Ben DiPaola (family illness) were left with the At-Large scraps.

In addition to the election, the Sneak paid bills against the club for various awards, Royale hosting expenses, and Meetup. The Sneak also resolved to find a location for Weasel Moot by the end of the calendar year. We’re considering a date in late July or early August.

We also polled the spectators to gauge interest in submitting a bid for the 2015 North American Diplomacy Championship. The crowd expressed enthusiastic support.

If you’d like to help in the search for a venue, please contact the Sneak at

For a list of Sneak officers and their contact info, click here.

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