The Weekly Weasel — Week of Sept. 16

I’m home with Patrick today and he’s sleeping, so you get an early (and quick) edition of the Weekly Weasel.

Strange Start to Season Nine
After a false start two weeks ago, Season Nine finally opened Friday night in Little Italy. It was Friday the 13th, and we knew we were in for an odd night when Mike Morrison showed up with a box of creampuffs.
"Creampuffs for the creampuffs," he said with a sneer, and then he proved it so. Check out the game summary and reaction from a couple of the players.

First Round at the Lion
We have scheduled our first event in the 2014 Bar Room Brawl Series. Join us on Sept. 25 at the Red Lion, from 6:30 p.m. until no later than 11, for an evening of Dip and Drinks. Can we get two boards?

Upcoming Games


  • Sept. 25 at the Red Lion in Lincoln Square, starting at 6:30 p.m. until no later than 11. Have four.
  • Oct. 26, the Undercard game at the Weasel Royale, starting at 11 a.m. Have one (or two, if we force Dan to play).

Sign up for games here, on Meetup, or by emailing your faithful War Weasel (which is Nate Cockerill, for the time being).

Important Dates

  • Oct. 11-13: Tempest in a Teapot hosts the North American Diplomacy Championship, Silver Spring, Maryland. (More info at
  • Oct. 26: The 2013 Weasel Royale club championship and the Fifth Annual Undercard Game.

Just Dues It
Thank you to the 27 Weasels who paid dues in 2013. We appreciate your support.

If you’d like to support the Weasels but missed out on the opportunity to receive a discount at our tournaments or qualify for an annual Weasels club award or a spot in the Weasel Royale club championship, then we’ll gladly take your $25 ($10 if you’re a student) now and apply it toward the 2014 calendar-year dues.

Your dues help pay for our annual club awards, the Meetup site, our website, and other club activities. Help us out by paying your dues today.  Use the PayPal link online or give your dues to a Sneak member.

That’s all for this week.


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