A new Don for the Sneak?

At yesterday’s season-ending Weasel Pyle in Wayne, we elected three members to the Sixth Sneak. It was an old Iraqi-style election, as we had three candidates for three open positions. All three won seats in a clean election run by Prime Weasel Dan Burgess. He accepted email ballots in advance of the Pyle and paper ballots at the Pyle. All 27 paid-up members were eligible to vote.

Elected were incumbents Jim O’Kelley and Nate Cockerill, as well as a fresh face in Don Glass. Glass replaces Christopher M. Davis, a former Prime Weasel who stepped down after serving five years. Glass is the 14th Weasel to hold a seat on the Sneak. O’Kelley, meanwhile, is the only remaining member from the First Sneak. The sneak expanded to seven seats from five in 2011-12.

Serving on the Sixth Sneak will be (remaining term in parenthesis):


  • Dan Burgess (one year)
  • Nate Cockerill (two years)
  • Ben DiPaola (one year)
  • Don Glass (two years)
  • Peter Lokken (one year)
  • Jim O’Kelley (two years)
  • and Ulysses Peterson (one year)

The Sixth Sneak will meet soon to elect officers for the year. Burgess has served the past two years as Prime Weasel. No Prime has served more than two years.

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