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It’s Brawl set!

The inaugural Bar Room Brawl Series concluded July 17 at the Red Lion in Lincoln Square. A total of 38 people played in the 12 games, nine of which were held at the Lion and the other three at Guthrie’s Tavern in Wrigleyville. For each participant, we scored his or her best three games. The top seven, regardless of membership status, will now be invited to participate in a championship game at the Red Lion, our sponsor for the series. The championship likely will be held on a weeknight in August or September.

The top seven finishers and first three alternates are:


Place Player Name Score Games
1 Matt Sundstrom 130.33 3
2 Nathan Cockerill 123.29 3
3 Josh Heffernan 91.55 3
4 Don Glass 64.37 3
5 Jim O’Kelley 63.11 3
6 Ted Phillips 53.52 3
7 Christian Kline 52.56 1
8 Keith Ammann 37.13 3
9 Peter Lokken 36.04 3
10 Chris Kelly 35.56 3

Check out the complete standings here, and stay tuned to the site for more information. We’ll announce the date of the championship as soon as we set it.

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