Calling all candidates!

We have an election to conduct next week at the Weasel Pyle. Three two-year terms on the Sneak, our governing body, will expire after the Weasel Pyle. Those terms belong to Chris Davis, Nate Cockerill and me.

Davis has already announced his retirement from public service on the Sneak. He’s a former Prime Weasel who has served on all five Sneaks. His wife recently gave birth to their eighth child. Not surprisingly, he doesn’t have quite as much time these days to devote to guiding our club.

I’ve also served on all five Sneaks and am also a former Prime Weasel. I’m willing to surrender my seat as well to infuse the board with some new blood, but I’m equally happy to continue serving. As of now, I’m plannng to run, but that could change if some good candidates throw their hats in the ring.


Cockerill predictably has remained coy about his intentions to run.

So, if you’d like a voice in the direction of our club and you’re a paid-up member*, why not run for office? Chances are, we can use your talents on the Sneak. If you’re not a paid-up member but are still interested, no problem. You have until the start of play at the Pyle to pay your dues for the 2013 calendar year. Click this link to send us your dues by PayPal, or give your $25 to me at the Pyle.

Please announce your intention to run by next Wednesday, Aug. 7, at 8 p.m. so that we have time to prepare the election. Once we have a handle on who our candidates will be, we’ll appoint one of our colleagues on the Sneak to serve as clerk of election. He will accept email ballots. You will also have the opportunity to vote on site at the Pyle.

All paid-up members are eligible to vote.

* Please note that in order to serve on the Sneak, you must be a paid-up member who lives within the boundaries specified in our club’s charter.

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    I should have noted that candidates run for seats on the Sneak, not for specific offices. At the beginning of each season, the new Sneak meets to set the government for the year. That means that the members of the Sneak determine who will serve in which offices.

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