Potter’s magic falls short

Two-time champion Chris Martin posted the only solo from the first day of play at Weasel Moot VII and carried a hefty lead into the final round. But an unlikely challenger emerged on the former world champ’s own board and rolled to a solo of his own.

The final-round run of young Jarred Potter — the don of Gang Greenfield, as we’re now calling the group of players from Greenfield, Ind. — left the outcome in doubt. But Potter fell just short, finishing with 133.242 points to Martin’s 133.750.

So, Martin won his third Weasel Moot title, and Potter heads to IUPUI in the fall with a second-place plaque in his first tournament to go along with Best England.

The five rising college freshmen from Greenfield ran our total to 35 players and helped us field 13 boards. They reminded some of us older Weasels of the Milwaukee Mafia, who similarly elevated the status of our first tournament at CODCon back in 2007. Hopefully we’ll see more of Gang Greenfield in the future, just as we have Grant Smith, the Brothers Bartlein and the rest of the Milwaukee crowd over the years.

The complete results and game charts are here. Thanks to all who helped make the weekend such a great success, including our 17 travelers; the 18 locals; airport drivers Paul Pignotti, Kevin O’Kelly, Don Glass and Ulysses Peterson; Sneak members Nate Cockerill and Ben DiPaola; and, of course, our tournament director Dan Burgess.

For all you Weasels, we hope to see you at the Pyle on August 10. In the meantime, watch the site for upcoming game announcements.

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    Apologies to Paul Pignotti for omitting him from the list of airport drivers. I’ve corrected that oversight.

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