June, Glass bust out all over

June is bustin’ out all over
The sheep aren’t sleepin’ any more!
For the Weasels, June busted out with a Diplomacy game at Dan Burgess’ home in Downers Grove. We typically don’t play league games in tournament months (Weasel Moot is June 22-23), but we made an exception for Game No. 214, played yesterday, to accommodate Eric Brown, a founding Weasel and the host of the annual season-ending Weasel Pyle. He had a rare weekend pass, and we wanted to help him put it to good use.

Unfortunately, the Easterners rained on his parade a bit, as Austria, Turkey and Italy, respectively, took the top three spots, leaving his France in distant sixth. Don Glass grabbed the board top, his second of the season. The game ended by draw vote in Spring 1909 in the following center counts.



Austria (Don Glass): 9; 38.942 points.
England (Matt Kade): 4; 7.692 points.
France (Eric Brown): 3; 4.327 points.
Germany (Josh Heffernan): 4; 7.692 points.
Italy (Mike Morrison): 6; 17.308 points.
Russia (Paul Pignotti): 1; 0.481 points.
Turkey (Dan Burgess): 7; 23.558 points.

Check out the supply center chart here. With his board top, Glass vaulted into third place in the league. Heffernan also cracked the top seven.

Next up for the Weasels is the Moot, but before we get there, Weasel ex-pat Aash Anand will be in town next weekend and would like to play Dip with us. Can we find a host and six players to make another exception?

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    Two things:

    1) That’s the second time this season that I’ve worked a show tune into a game report.

    2) Here are some thoughts from host Dan Burgess.

    The game went very well. Paul Pignotti’s goal at the end was to help Don (and me). He was happy to have succeeded. He had one fleet in the Helgoland Bight, so we thought it best to let him keep his one SC (Warsaw) so that he could be a pain in Germany’s ass. And he was.

    Despite having a PhD in chemistry, Matt Kade managed to join the draw-vote-misorder club. He wanted the game to continue for another year (having rebounded from two to three to four units) but said he put down the red card inadvertently. We had a gentle laugh at his expense, Don Glass in particular.

    Speaking of whom, it was a delight to work with him today. We positioned ourselves so that neither could mess with the other, and allied with Mike Morrison as Italy nicely. It helped us that Mike had four fleets and only two armies, which made it easy to persuade him to sail west to mess with Eric Brown.

    My new next-door neighbor, Tim Barber, also came inside and was immediately intrigued. Much of the negotiating took place outside (about half the players smoked at least one cigarette, surprisingly) and apparently outside my new neighbor indicated he would like to learn the game. I will try to make that happen.

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