Peter McNamara (the Australian) wins CODCon VII!

Peter McNamara, the native of Perth in West Australia (not to be confused with our own Pete McNamara) prevailed in this weekend’s tournament at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn.

Peter had the result all but sewn up after soloing as Austria in the first round. Our own Tony Prokes won two Best Country awards with strong play in both rounds on Saturday, offered to sit out on Sunday, and took second. Russ Dennis, playing in his first game with our club and his first FtF tournament, surged into third place with a strong result in Sunday’s game.

Here are the final scores:


Peter McNamara 153.828
Tony Prokes 67.396
Russ Dennis 53.741
Matt Sundstrom 51.953
Ben Johnson 37.529
Kosta Vasilakos 28.464
Nate Cockerill 28.070
Kevin O’Kelly 21.491
Vincent Cheng 10.965
Don Glass 9.843
Brian Shelden 0.439
Matt Kade 0.403
Nick Rohn 0.000
Reid Kanies 0.000
Though ineligible to win any awards, Tournament Director Dan Burgess played in order to round out two boards and finished with 23.301 points.
We had a new private room which sufficed for our needs quite well, though it wasn’t the same as the LARPers and Star Wars players weren’t right in front of us to provide their unique form of unintended entertainment.
Special thanks go out to the five people who traveled to join us: Russ Dennis from Ames, Iowa; Vincent Cheng and Ben Johnson from Madison, Wisconsin; Brian Shelden from Austin, Texas; and the winner, Peter McNamara, currently residing in Millbrae, California.
You can view the summary and the supply center charts here.


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