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Look who’s coming to CODCon!

Take a look at who’s planning to attend our seventh annual CODCon Open Diplomacy tournament, April 20-21 at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn. Comment below or email to add your name to the list or, if your plans have changed, to remove it.


  1. Ben DiPaola
  2. Ben Johnson
  3. Brad Harrington
  4. Brian Shelden
  5. Christian Kline
  6. Craig Reges
  7. Dan Burgess
  8. Don Glass
  9. John Gramila
  10. John Ried
  11. Kevin O’Kelly
  12. Kosta Vasilakos
  13. Matt Kade
  14. Matt Sundstrom
  15. Mike Whitty
  16. Nate Cockerill
  17. Nick Rohn
  18. (Australian) Peter McNamara
  19. Russ Dennis
  20. Tony Ardolino
  21. Vincent Cheng

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