Support the Weasels in 2013!

Our club had a banner year in 2012. In addition to hosting the World Diplomacy Championships in August, we enjoyed the following accomplishments:

  • 35 house games
  • our minor tournament, CODCon, was another success
  • another fun time at Weasel Pyle 7 in Wayne
  • our club championship event, the Weasel Royale, with an undercard game
  • our 200th game on December 18!

2013 is underway, and we have already played two games at homes and bars in January, with four more scheduled for February. Then will follow our annual March Madness bonanza with house games each weekend, as well as a bar game or two. Soon thereafter will be another visit to Glen Ellyn for CODCon. Weasel Moot VII and Weasel Pyle 8 will take place during the summer months, with plans in the works by your elected governing body, The Sneak.

We ask that you support our club by paying dues, which are $25 per year, and only $10 for students. Dues-paying members receive the following benefits:

  • First crack at game openings
  • Discounted entry fee to our two tournaments, CODCon and Weasel Moot ($5 for regular members, $3 for students)
  • Eligibility for our Season 8 awards and the 2013 Weasel Royale club championship
  • The right to vote, run for Sneak positions that will open in September, and serve on committees
  • The satisfaction that comes with officially belonging in a club that you enjoy

Dues can be given via cash to a Sneak member, or you can use PayPal via the button below.

Thanks for your support!

Dan Burgess, Prime Weasel

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