2013 dues-paying Weasels

Dues are now due. Special thanks to these paid-up members for supporting the Weasels in 2013!   Alex Amann Andy "Buffalo" Bartalone Ben DiPaola Brad Harrington Chris Martin Christian Kline…

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March Madness 6 Schedule

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This March, the Weasels will renew our six-year-old fight to restore the month to its orignal pastime. March once was known for the backstab, not basketball, and all month long,…

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Aash Saturday

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Ex-pat Aash Anand, who recently moved to Denver for work, will be back in town on business, and he'd like to play some Dip with us. Let's welcome him back…

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Wednesday Night Ra(w)!

Last night at the Red Lion in Lincoln Square, five of us--including one actual Don--gathered around the corner "Dons Table" to play the Windy City Weasels' new Ra sub-club's inaugural…

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