The Brawl thickens

Through three games, Beefy Nate Cockerill, our Bull Weasel, leads the inaugural Barroom Brawl series with a score of 48.65 in one game. (The best three bar games count for score.) Matt Sundstrom is in second with 35.84 points from last night’s board top. Chris Kelly is in third, just behind him with 35.56. Rounding out the top seven are the Australian Peter McNamara (33.78), Eamon Driscoll (22.34 in two games), Regular Pete McNamara (21.68), and Chris Radu (21.68), one of last night’s novices.

For the complete standings in the Barroom Brawl series, click here.

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  1. Éamon Driscoll

    Seeing as I’m eight time zones away, I suspect that any involvement in future rankings will be purely academic. Good luck to all in the Brawl!

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