Father knows best (finally…)

Kyle Weiskircher and his father, Mark, had met in four previous league games. In three of those games, Kyle outperformed Mark, including one where his Turkey gobbled up Mark’s Austria. But at yesterday’s Fourth Annual Undercard at the Weasel Royale club championship, father finally knew best.

This time, Mark was the Turk to Kyle’s Austria, and the elder Weiskircher rolled to a 10-center board top. The Undercard ended by draw vote in Spring 1907 in the following center counts:
Austria (Kyle Weiskircher): 4; 7.207 points.
England (Tony Ardolino): 6; 16.216 points.
France (Mike Whitty): 7; 22.072 points.
Germany (Brad Harrington): 1; 0.450 points.
Italy (Tony Prokes): 4; 7.207 points.
Russia (Don Glass): 2; 1.802 points.
Turkey (Mark Weiskircher): 10; 45.045 points.

The previous three Undercard board-toppers all advanced to the next Royale. Mark fears he’ll break the string. He competed in last year’s Royale and would love to get back, but he doesn’t think he’ll be able to play in enough games to have a shot. Still, we wouldn’t bet against him … or history.

Prokes also played in last year’s Royale. Glass, meanwhile, finished eighth last season and was the first alternate for the Royale. Ardolino and Harrington, both recruits from the two-board session at Prokes’ home last March, were playing in their third games with the club.

Okay, the supply center chart is here. Let’s hear from the players.

Next up, we hope to field a full board in either Skokie on Thursday or Evanston on Friday.

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