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Top 10 Toppers

Here’s a look at our top 10 all-time board-toppers. Note that we started tracking board tops when we converted to center-based scoring in Season 4. We only count standard seven-player games. We’ve played a total of 145 eligible games since we began tracking board tops.


Board Tops by Player
Player Board Tops Games Played
Matt Sundstrom 13.50 48 28.13%
Nathan Cockerill 13.00 56 23.21%
Peter Yeargin 12.00 41 29.27%
Jim O’Kelley 12.00 46 26.09%
Peter Lokken 10.50 48 21.88%
Mike Morrison 6.50 56 11.61%
Christian MacDonald 5.00 21 23.81%
Greg Duenow 4.50 18 25.00%
Tony Prokes 3.50 17 20.59%
Ted McClelland 3.25 35 9.29%


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