The Weekly Weasel — Week of Sept. 10

Here’s the latest news from the Weasels.

Season Eight Kicks off on Thursday!
Our eighth season of Windy City Weasels Diplomacy kicks off Thursday night at Guthrie’s Tavern in Wrigleyville. We have seven, including Australian transplant Peter McNamara, who’s in town from the Bay Area and is making time to play Dip with us. We’re now looking for standbys or possibly a second board, so speak up if you’re interested.
Our eighth season likely will be a bit of letdown compared with last year, which, of course, culminated in the world championship at Weasel Moot VI. Hard to top that. But, we expect to play a lot of Diplomacy this year, and we still have our 200th game to celebrate. Thursday’s game will be our club’s 194th regular season game. We should hit 200 before the New Year.
Check out the lineup for Thursday’s game here.
Central Shuffle Concludes at Tempest
The fourth and final step of this year’s Central Shuffle minor circuit will be Oct. 5-7 at Tempest in a Teapot in Silver Spring, Maryland. Find more info about the Shuffle at our website and about Tempest here. I haven’t been to Tempest since 2009, but I used to go every other year, and I’ve attended four. It’s a great event. The PTKSers faithfully support Weasel Moot each year and sent an entire board to WDC. It would be nice if we could send a few players their way for Tempest. I know they’d appreciate the support, and I’m sure you’d have a good time.
Game Openings
  • Sept. 13 at Guthrie’s Tavern, beginning at 6:30 p.m. until no later than 11. Full; need standbys or seven for a second board.
  • Oct. 6 at Conception at the College of Dupage in Glen Ellyn, standard Diplomacy for beginners and vets beginning at Noon. Need at least six more.
  • Oct. 7 at Conception at the College of Dupage in Glen Ellyn, Colonial Diplomacy beginning at Noon. Need at least six more.
  • Oct. 13 at Jim O’Kelley’s home in Little Italy, beginning at 11. Need two.
  • Oct. 27 at Dan Burgess’ home in Downers Grove, the Undercard Game, beginnng at 11 a.m. Need five.
Sign up for games at the website, on Meetup, or by emailing your faithful War Weasel (until the Sneak can get together to form its government for the new year, that’s still me).
Important Dates
  • Sept. 13: Season Eight kick-off at Guthrie’s Tavern.
  • Oct. 6&7: Recruiting weekend at Conception in Glen Ellyn.
  • Oct. 27: The 2012 Weasel Royale club championship game and Undercard Game at Dan Burgess’ home in Glen Ellyn.
That’s all for this week. See you next week!

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