Things you need to know for WDC

Here, we’ll post links to some helpful documents for WDC weekend.

  • Dining, nightlife and nearby businesses Helpful tips for places to go and things you may need, all within walking distance of the Congress Plaza Hotel (520 S Michigan Ave).
  • The Traveler’s Guide to the Windy City Here, you’ll find attractions, diversions and helpful websites for those who to see more than a Diplomacy board during their stay in Chicago.
  • Tournament Rules Don’t be surprised by our power selection process for the top board, our rules for support into split coastal provinces, the identity of the Tournament Director, the fact that the world champion might not win the tournament, or anything else. Read the rules.

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  1. Aashirwad Viswanathan Anand

    The tournament rules do not specify how orders are to be adjudicated in the event that a player submits two sets of orders. Could the TD please clarify this?

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