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ABC, easy as 123

Here, ABC refers to Allan B. Calhamer, the creator of the game we all love. And it turns out that getting him to attend the World Diplomacy Championship at Weasel Moot VI was as easy as:

  1. Dropping by his home in LaGrange Park on official business for Edi Birsan and another hobby luminary who wishes to remain anonymous for now.
  2. Leaving a letter in his mailbox when no one answered the doorbell.
  3. And exchanging emails with his youngest daughter, Selenne.

Moments ago, we confirmed by email exchange with Selenne that Mr. Calhamer; his wife, Hilda; and perhaps Selenne; will join us for a few hours Saturday afternoon (Aug. 11) at WDC. We’re expecting the Calhamers to arrive around 11:45, and they’ll stay till about 3.

Selenne says her father is looking forward to meeting the next generation of Diplomacy players. "It means so much to him that the game is still being played after almost 60 years," she said.

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