Seventh time the charm for club founder


Founder Jim O’Kelley finally won the Weasel of the Year award in the Windy City Weasels’ seventh season of play.

Season Seven wasn’t a particularly great one for O’Kelley. He played in 14 games and was eliminated in three of them. He was held to four centers or fewer in five others. But he managed 3 1/2 board tops, including two whoppers in Games 154 and 191. The three board tops were enough in a season that saw no solos.

"The Pyle was an exciting finish to the season," O’Kelley said. "I tip my cap to Peter Lokken, who had another great year, and to Mike Morrison, who posted two massive board tops in my family room."

Also honored at Saturday’s Weasel Pyle was Rookie of the Year Carlos Otero. A close friend of Ulysses Peterson’s, Otero played his first game of Diplomacy in our second game of the year, a recruiting game at the Conception game convention. He learned the game and promptly topped the board.

After that first one, however, he took his lumps in a series of bar games. He was eliminated in three of his next four tilts. But he posted his second board top in Game No. 189 against stiff competition. In between, he transtioned from Peterson’s sidekick to a club member in his own right who has signed up for and attended games on his own.

In nine games with the club, he’s demonstrated a commitment to improving his game while continually being an enjoyable guy to play with. He simply makes every meetup more fun. We’re glad to have him in the club.

We also presented the Best Country awards for the season. The Best Country awards are reserved for paid-up members, and no member may win more than one. Both of those qualifications came into play this year. The Best Country awards went to:

Austria: John Gramila, 11-center second in Game No. 154.
England: Mike Morrison, 14-center board top in Game No. 171.
France: Jim O’Kelley, 10-center board top in Game No. 183.
Germany: Don Glass, 14-center board top in Game No. 169.
Italy: Peter Lokken, 15-center board top in Game No. 173.
Russia: Kevin O’Kelly, 16-center board top in Game No. 193.
Turkey: Carlos Otero, eight-center board top in Game No. 151.

Congratulations to all our award winners! See you in Season Eight!

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  1. Mark Weiskircher

    Congrats (finally!) to Jim. And also to all the other Weasels who saw success this season. I had a tough season, but I hope to be better able to balance work/hobby next season and play a bit more (and get back to the Royale…?).

  2. Peter Yeargin

    Congratulations, Jim!!! Well earned and great to see you rolling to a Best Russia for five minutes. 🙂 I wish I could be there at the Royale to see you guys going at it. Can’t wait for WDC!!

  3. Christopher Michael Davis

    Congratulations, Jim.

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