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At yesterday’s Weasel Pyle at Eric Brown’s home in Wayne, we elected two new members to the Sneak and reelected two others to two-year terms. The new faces are Ulysses Peterson and Ben DiPaola.

Ulysses joined the club in September and since then has played in a bunch of games and recruited a few friends to join us. DiPaola joined the club in May and has been a mainstay. He’s teamed with childhood friend Peter Lokken to bring a bunch of new blood into the club. Each was elected to a two-year term. We look forward to working with them.


Reelected to two-year terms were Dan Burgess, the current Prime Weasel, and Peter Lokken.

These four join holdovers Chris Davis, Nate Cockerill and Jim O’Kelley, each of whom has a year remaining on his term.

The Sneak will meet before WDC to organize their government and set the agenda for the next year.

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