Royale field, date set

Yesterday’s season finale at the Weasel Pyle in Wayne saw a shake-up atop the club standings and a new, old face crack the Royale field. Prime Weasel Dan Burgess announced that the 2012 Weasel Royale club championship game will take place Oct. 27 at his home in Downers Grove. The event will begin at 11 a.m. with the power selection ceremony. For the fourth straight year, there will also be an Undercard game.

The seven finalists for the Royale, in seed order, are:


  1. Jim O’Kelley, the Weasel of the Year and 2010 Bull Weasel, making his fifth appearance in the Royale.
  2. Peter Lokken, making his second straight appearance.
  3. Mike Morrison, making his second appearance and first since 2009.
  4. Nate Cockerill, appearing in his third straight Royale.
  5. Kevin O’Kelly, appearing for the second time and first since the inaugural Royale in 2008, when he was tapped as an alternate. At the start of play yesterday, O’Kelly wasn’t even part of the discussion, but he forced his way in with 67-point board top as Russia.
  6. Ben DiPaola, making his first appearance.
  7. Matt Sundstrom, appearing for the fourth time after falling just short last year.

The alternates, in order, are Don Glass, Tony Prokes, host Dan Burgess and Ulysses Peterson.

For the power selection ceremony, the players will first establish the selection order, with the seventh seed placing his name card on the table, then the sixth seed deciding whether to pick before or after him, and so on, until all seven name cards are placed. Then the players will select powers in selection order by taking a seat at the table. Once the seventh player sits, the clock will start and the game will begin.

Adding to the drama is the fact that tie-breaker is reverse selection order. The player selecting seventh can beat anyone in a tie, the sixth player can beat everyone but the seventh, and so on. The player picking first gets his choice of country but must top the board outright to win the championship.

We’re all looking forward to another exciting Royale. We hope you’ll join us, either by signing up for the Undercard or just coming out to watch the fun. Burgess promises beer and chili for all.

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    In each of the past three years, the player who topped the Undercard board went on to qualify for the next year’s Royale. In order, they were Pete McNamara, John Gramila and Ben DiPaola. This year’s board-topper could be you. We’re going to schedule this game on Meetup and the website soon, so stay tuned, and sign up.

  2. Dan Burgess

    We are going to have a great time! I’ll have everything set up for everybody, especially life conference maps for the Royale.

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