Driving to WDC?

Driving to WDC? Here’s the skinny on the parking situation.

by Dan Burgess, Tournament Director

Parking information for World Diplomacy Championships

Chicago IL — August 10-12, 2012 in the Florentine Room on the third floor of the Congress Plaza Hotel, 520 S. Michigan. Ave.


Expensive but convenient
Congress Plaza Hotel – garage on premises. $35 self-park per day with in-and-out privileges, $39 valet.

Less expensive and slightly inconvenient
The Hunter parking garage on NW corner of Wabash and Balbo (two blocks from the Congress Plaza) is $20 per day and staffed, closing at 10pm. Cars cannot be retrieved between 10pm and 7am on weekends. A good option for attendees who stay overnight and desire covered parking.


Surface parking lots on State between Balbo and Harrison (three blocks from the Congress Plaza) are also $20 per day with automated payment machines.

Almost free but only for the adventurous
One can park in a number of places two or three miles from the hotel for free on city streets without parking restrictions and then ride mass transportation to the hotel. Not recommended for Porsche or Maserati owners. Contact Dan Burgess at dan@windycityweasels.org if you want further information.

Meters ($3.50 per hour with a 3-hour maximum, enforced daily 8am to 9pm) are recommended for evening rounds only; 6pm arrival would pay $10.50 for the round. Possible for overnight parkers willing to move the car before 8am.

Surface lots on State between Balbo and Harrison are $12 daily and $6 for arrivals after 3pm, less than three blocks from the hotel. The tournament director recommends this parking area for Chicago-based players.

Some streets in the Loop have free unrestricted parking on Sundays. Frugal and patient attendees may want to try to score a free spot for Round 5.

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