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Calling all candidates!

At next month’s Weasel Pyle, we’ll elect four members to two-year terms on the Sneak. The following seats are up for election:


  • Dan Burgess
  • John Gramila
  • Peter Lokken
  • Pete McNamara

We’re now seeking candidates for election. If you’re interested, send an email to Sub-Prime Weasel Nate Cockerill, who will serve as clerk of the election. Candidates must nominate themselves. To be eligible, a candidate must be a paid-up Weasel for the 2012 calendar year and must live within the geographic boundaries described in Article IV, Section 1, of our charter. Self-nominations must be received by the end of day on July 7.

On the 8th, we’ll announce the candidates and begin the election. Any paid-up member may vote, either by email to Nate or by paper ballot at the Weasel Pyle on July 14. We’ll announce the results of the election at the end of play at the Pyle.

Join the discussion!

Find out more about an upcoming event or article, talk smack before a game, brag about your board top, or most likely, ask what on earth your fellow Weasels were thinking!

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  1. Éamon Driscoll

    Does this mean I can assume the identity of Peter Lokken?

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