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Weasels’ 2012 Budget

Here’s our budget for the 2012 calendar year.



Windy City Weasels    
Calendar Year 2012 Budget    
Dues – Regular 28 $700.00
Dues – Student 2 $20.00
Donations   $144.00
Total Income   $864.00
Annual Club Awards   $185.00
Meetup Site   $144.00
Royale Awards   $85.00
Royale Hosting Subsidy   $75.00
WDC Assessment   $300.00
Website Domain   $75.00
Total Expenses   $864.00
Net Income   $0.00


New this year is the WDC Assessment. Each paid-up Weasel gets a $10 discount at WDC, but we’re actually taking $10 from every member’s dues to help balance our WDC budget.

If you have questions about the budget, email the Sneak at If you’d like to support the Weasels by becoming a dues-paying member, click here.

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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Michael Whitty

    How are we coming on the line item “Donations $144” (which is necessary to balance the books)? Do we need a fundraiser/bakesale/raffle or something?

  2. Jim O'Kelley

    Hey, Mike. To make ends meet for our WDC budget, I offered to donate the cost of our Meetup page for two years. We don’t normally use any part of member dues to fund our tournaments, as we’re doing for WDC. All our previous tournaments have broken even or generated funds for our coffers.

    The cost of a venue on Michigan Avenue, however, is considerable. Even with a registration fee of $70, we’re still cleaning out the coffers to make it happen and also using $10 from every member’s dues.

    I should note that the Sneak started building up our coffers three yeas ago specifically for WDC.

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