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Game No. 171 will begin tonight at around 7 p.m. at my place in Little Italy. If you have nothing better to do this evening (probably not the case, or you’d be here), then follow along as we fill out the supply center chart online. We may also post comments below. So take your pants off, sit back and enjoy.

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    Meghan is going to make manicotti tonight, so the players have that to look forward, too, if nothing else.

  2. Jim O'Kelley

    All seven are here. Lokken explaining rules to Herve, who played years ago, then we’ll draw countries and start.

  3. Jim O'Kelley

    For those of you who scoreboard watch, we have our top six players of Season 7 tonight, plus newcomer Herve. Should be interesting.

  4. Jim O'Kelley

    Ben: So, I was talking to this girl at a party last night–
    Cockerill: Liar.

  5. Jim O'Kelley

    The Russian is suffering from delusions of grandeur. Spent the first three years defending against the two mad Belgians, stole a couple of centers in 1904 to seize a share of the board top, and now I’m about to get beaten back to four or possibly even three. šŸ™

  6. Jim O'Kelley

    The Belgians just flipped each other off. A promising development.

  7. Jim O'Kelley

    Lokken just fell asleep. Another promising development.

  8. Jim O'Kelley

    This is Cockerill. Like his supply centers I have over Jim’s account

  9. Jim O'Kelley

    Three draw votes so far. Three voted down one in 1908; one voted down a draw in 1909; and in Spring 1910, two people just voted it down. It’s 3 a.m. Let’s play Diplomacy, Boys.

  10. Jim O'Kelley

    Two more draw votes went down, each with one no vote. Dicey business. Simon has a solid position, but Morrison is the much more experienced player. Nate and I are willing to help Simon stop a solo, but only if he’ll keep us around.

  11. Jim O'Kelley

    Game over at 5:10 a.m. I guess that’s the problem with Friday night games.

  12. Jeremiah Peterson

    And you all wonder why I’m loathe to play this game with you people

  13. Jim O'Kelley

    Aw, come on. You can’t event get half a Here I Stand game in in 10 hours.

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