Cockerill’s board top falls short

Nate Cockerill brought our Dip & Drinks show to the North Shore last night. We played Game No. 170 at the Village Inn Skokie, a bar featuring a 64-inch television and a friendly staff.

"Mona the barmaid said we’re welcome back anytime," reports Cockerill. That’s probably because he didn’t steal any of her centers. Alas, his comrades in arms can’t claim the same.

Cockerill posted his fourth board top of Season 7, but it was a small one that didn’t help his score. He remains half a point behind Jim O’Kelley for the club lead.

The game ended by time limit after Fall 1906 in the following center counts:

Austria (Don Glass): 1; 0.481 points.
England (Pete McNamara): 5; 12.019 points.
France (Nate Cockerill): 8; 30.769 points.
Germany (Christopher M. Davis): 2; 1.923 points.
Italy (Theo Frank): 4; 7.692 points.
Russia (Matt Sundstrom): 7; 23.558 points.
Turkey (Aash Anand): 7; 23.558 points.

For Davis and Anand, the game represented their long-awaited return to the table and perhaps a necessary tune-up for CODCon. Theo Frank, meanwhile, was playing his first game with the Weasels. He’s the latest in a slow parade of players from the online community. Since the November game at the Atlantic, he’s the fourth member of that community to join us for a game.

The supply center chart is here. Now let’s hear from the players!

And next up for the Weasels, we have three games scheduled for next week. The March 3 game at Peter Lokken’s home is full, but standbys are welcome. We need two more each for the Feb. 26 at O’Kelley’s home and the March 1 game at Emmett’s Alehouse.

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