Jeremiah was a board topper!

We fought a lovely little war at the Red Lion last night. Our club’s 166th game and 17th of the season ended by draw vote during the Fall 1905 turn with all seven players still on the board.

Jeremiah Peterson shocked us all by volunteering to play earlier in the day. Typically his arm needs twisting. He surprised us again by proposing a draw with his France topping the board at seven centers and sitting in or positioned to acquire three more. He figured that was as good as it was going to get for his France. Meanwhile, it appeared that winter was coming with Russia poised for expansion. The draw passed, so the game rolled back to the 1904 center counts, which were:

Austria (Jim O’Kelley): 4; 9.195 points.
England (Don Glass): 4; 9.195 points.
France (Jeremiah Peterson): 7; 28.161 points.
Germany (Ulysses Peterson): 6; 20.690 points.
Italy (Nate Cockerill): 4; 9.195 points.
Russia (John Gramila): 5; 14.368 points.
Turkey (Demetrius Simmons): 9.195 points.

We started at about 6:35, making this the earliest Dip & Drinks start in recent memory. Kudos to the players. The draw passed at 9:30, so it was also the earliest ending.

The game itself was fun while it lasted. The West featured an on-again, off-again Western Triple, while the East was a cluster. Check out the supply center chart here. Now, how about some commentary from the players?

Newcomer Demetrius found us on Meetup. He has played a few games on We expect to see him again…

…Perhaps as soon as Jan. 14, when we’ll play our next game at John Gramila’s home in Logan Square. We need players for that game as well as the one on Jan. 25 at Guthrie’s Tavern.

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