Sighting: The Lokken Monster

Peter Lokken topped another board last night in Game No. 160, played at the Atlantic Bar & Grill in Lincoln Square. The game ended by time limit after Fall 1906 in the following center counts:


Austria (Ben DiPaola): 2; 1.460 points.
England (Peter Lokken): 11; 44.161 points.
France (Doug Kell): 6; 13.139 points.
Germany (Aaron Bernhardt): 2; 1.460 points.
Italy (Nate Cockerill): 10; 36.496 points.
Russia (Carlos Otero): 0; 0.000 points.
Turkey (Alex Herrera): 3; 3.285 points.

Check out the supply center chart here.

Bigger news, perhaps, than another Lokken board top is that we indoctrinated two more Weasels. Doug Kell played lots of face to face back in high school, which is further back than he’d care to say. He plays online now and learned about our site from a post of mine in the forum at Alex Herrera is friends with Ulysses Peterson. Carols Otero, another Ulysses recruit, was returning to the table for the first time since the novice game at Conception in September.

Ulysses and I sat out, as we had nine, so he mentored Alex, while I made myself available to check orders and answer questions. The Atlantic was a great site for the game, and the beef stew was fantastic. It’s a bit farther north than our other bar game sites, but it comes with a parking lot, which is a convenient addition. For our next Chicago bar game, we’ll probably go back to the Red Lion or Guthrie’s, but I suspect the Atlantic will be a regular addition to the rotation.

So, next up for us is a game on Sunday at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair. We need players to make this happen, as we can’t count on finding them at the fair. Anyone want to play? If we don’t have five or six by tomorrow evening, we’ll likely pull the plug.

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