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Support the Weasels in 2012!

Thank you for helping to make the Windy City Weasels such a vibrant club! We continue to grow, hosting more games with more players, and in 2012, we will host the World Championships in August! Please consider joining as a dues-paying member of our club. Members receive the following benefits:


  • First crack at all game openings.
  • A discount on registration for our tournaments–$5 off for the 2012 CODCon and $10 off for World DipCon at Weasel Moot VI!
  • Eligibility for our Season 7 awards and the 2012 Weasel Royale club championship.
  • The right to vote, run for Sneak positions that will open in the fall, and serve on committees.

This is what we’ve accomplished to date in 2011 as well as what we’re looking forward to:

  • To date, we’ve played 38 games in 2011, with 80 players participating.
  • Two fun tournaments and the World Championships in 2012!
  • Another fun summer gathering for the Weasel Pyle in Wayne.
  • Our fourth annual Weasel Royale championship, again including another undercard game.
  • Continued improvement to our already-snazzy website.

Looking ahead to 2012, we will have more house games as well as a bevy of bar games. There’s much to look forward to next year in the Windy City Weasels, and I hope you’ll consider becoming a dues-paying members of the Weasels in 2012. The Weasels will be hosting the World Championships as well as playing host to national and international players traveling to play. Your support is essential to our continued success.

You can pay your dues now by sending $25 ($10 if you are a full-time student) via PayPal by using the below button:


Membership type


Dan Burgess
Prime Weasel

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Find out more about an upcoming event or article, talk smack before a game, brag about your board top, or most likely, ask what on earth your fellow Weasels were thinking!

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