The Spectacular Conception

Hats off to Tony Prokes for a great recruiting weekend at Conception, the small gaming convention at the College of Dupage in Glen Ellyn.

Billed as our Season 7 Kickoff Weekend, the festivities started with an intro game Saturday morning. In addition to Tony, new Weasel Ulysses Peterson returned to the table with two friends in tow, Mike Weinstein and Carlos Otero. Those four were joined by three members of the Havelka family: Chuck and son Sam, from Memphis, and Chuck’s brother John, who’s local. They played four game years. The final center counts were: 
WCW Game No. 151
Austria (Mike Weinstein): 0; 0.000 points.
England (Tony Prokes): 7; 23.559 points.
France (Sam Havelka): 3; 4.327 points.
Germany (John Havelka): 6; 17.308 points.
Italy (Chuck Havelka): 5; 12.019 points.
Russia (Ulysses Peterson): 5; 12.019 points.
Turkey (Carlos Otero): 8; 30.769 points.

The second game started at 3 p.m. on Saturday. There were only six players for this one, so Italy was placed in civil disorder. The game ended in Spring 1907 in a five-way draw. The final center counts were:

WCW Game No. 152
Austria (Damian Dunn): 0
England (Sam Havelka): 2
France (Tony Prokes): 10
Germany (Don Glass): 9
Italy (Civil Disorder): 0
Russia (John Havelka): 7
Turkey (Chuck Havelka): 6

Note that as a non-standard game, this one does not count toward the league standings.

On Sunday, we reconvened for a game of Colonial Diplomacy. This time, 10 players showed up, so Tony, Damian and I sat out. They played the equivalent of five game-years, then called it a seven-way draw. The final center counts were:

WCW Game No. 153
Britain (Matt Sundstrom): 18
China (John Havelka): 2
France (Nate Cockerill): 9
Holland (Sam Havelka): 3
Japan (Don Glass): 11
Russia (Tyler Mollenkopf): 14
Turkey (Chuck Havelka): 1

Again, as a non-standard game, this one doesn’t count toward the league standings.

The supply center charts are here.

So, we’re off to a great start in Season 7. We introduced the Weasels to five players at the Red Lion on Wednesday, and this weekend, we played with three more new locals.

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    I brought my son to the con after lunch, and we had a blast playing games with Tony. We played the Simpsons version of Clue, and then a game called, I think, Tsuro. That one was a lot of fun.

    Then we played Bears for a bit, which was okay.

    Kevin wanted to spend some of my money, so we bid on and won an old copy of Dungeon in a silent auction, which we quickly played. Kevin loved it.

    It was a good time. Kevin’s looking forward to playing more games at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair in November.

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