Mission Accomplished!

The Great Pacific Northwest Blood Feud is over. Phew.

To be sure, there were anxious moments last weekend between our Weasels and the Pacific Northwest delegation to Weasel Moot, which included Alex Maslow of Alaska, whose CODCon trip last spring paved the way to peace; Matt Shields of Portland; Nathan Barnes and Eric Mead of Seattle; and Weasel ex-pat Christian MacDonald, now also of Seattle. Tensions nearly boiled over during Thursday evening’s social when the Seattle crew bombed me not once but twice.

Fortunately, we kept talking and cool heads prevailed. We pledged to send a delegation to WACCon in January, and they promised to return for next year’s WDC.

As your War Weasel, I now declare this blood feud to be over.


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  1. Christian MacDonald

    I’d like to think it was because of my “shuttle diplomacy”.

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