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Just prior to the start of the final round at Weasel Moot V, we moved one of the tables onto the meeting room’s dance floor to create more space. As fate would have it, Chris Martin, who has a PhD in dance, landed on that board.

The former world champ sparkled in his natural habitat, twisting and turning and spinning his way to a resounding 17-center board top. The 75.26 points were enough to vault him past our own John Gramila, who posted the only solo of the tournament, and become the Moot’s first two-time winner. Congratulations to our Alpha Weasel alpha, who is now our Alpha Weasel epsilon, as well.

Here’s the top board:


  1. Chris Martin, 117.87 points.
  2. John Gramila, 112.68 points.
  3. Peter Yeargin, 76.19 points.
  4. Christian MacDonald, 70.33 points.
  5. Adam Silverman, 68.41 points.
  6. Robert Rousse, 66.72 points.
  7. Don Williams, 60.51 points.

The Best Country awards went to:

Austria: Nick Rohn, 22.54 points, Round 1, Board 5.
England: Christian MacDonald, 46.45 points, Round 2, Board 1.
France: Christian Pedone, 49.71 points, Round 2, Board 4.
Germany: Robert Rousse, 50.70 points, Round 2, Board 2.
Italy: Chris Martin, 75.26 points, Round 3, Board 5.
Russia: Adam Silverman, 59.04 points, Round 1, Board 1.
Turkey: John Gramila, 100.00 points, Round 1, Board 3.

The winner of the popular Best Lid vote on Hat Night was Nate Cockerill.

Click here for the complete standings and supply center charts.

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  1. Greg Duenow

    Thanks for running a great tournament Dan and Jim!

  2. Peter Yeargin

    Agreed..you guys did a fantastic job. Jim made more airport runs than the local airport shuttle service.

    Oh, and Greg, thanks for giving Turkey Greece and F ALB-ADR in Fall ’01. šŸ™‚ You’re a real peach!!

  3. Jim O'Kelley

    Reactions from some of the attendees:

    [b]Melinda Holley:[/b] I just wanted to say thanks again to you and the rest of the Windy City Weasels for a great weekend. The rides to and from the airport really helped to make the trip a smooth one and I really appreciate that. Please pass along my thanks (again) to everyone. See you next year!

    [b]Chris Martin:[/b] Thank you for hosting the event – as much fun as I’ve had anywhere!

  4. Jim O'Kelley

    More reaction.

    [b]Adam Silverman:[/b] Thanks again for putting on an outstanding tournament and for your kind hospitality. The games themselves were excellent and the ‘off-board’ times were amongst the most enjoyable I’ve had at any event. Keep up the great work, and hopefully I’ll be seeing you at WDC next year, if not sooner.

  5. John G

    EOGs: Round 1 Board 3

    Austria (Melinda Holley)
    England (Alex Maslow)
    France (Don Woodring)
    Germany (Peter Lokken)
    Italy (Don Williams)
    Russia (Sam Bassett)
    Turkey (John Gramila)

    G1B3: I drew Turkey, which made me happy, I opened generically, picking up Bulgeria and not contesting Greece or Rumania, and tried to establish a “you’re the armies, I’m the fleets” alliance with Austria. I did sail into the Black Sea in fall after a spring bounce and was rewarded by the Russian building fleet Sev, effectively abandoning the North under pressure from England.

    I had built a fleet in Ank. And I figured the Russian build would be blood in the water for both Italy and Austria, and decided to bounce East Med. F Greece sailed in the Aegean, and Ionian was bounced out of the E Med. I got lucky and 1) held onto the Black Sea when I cut support from the fleet in Rumania so Russia wasn’t an immediate threat in the fall 2) France sailed into the Western Med so Italy had other things on his mind than prying me out of the corner. 3) England came for Russia with passion, putting an army in StP rather than a fleet.

    Russia disbanded their 2nd southern fleet with the loss of StP , and Italy was occupied, so I was sitting more comfortably in 03. I started hearing about a Western Triple from Italy, and though I didn’t think the West was actually united, I appreciated the East focusing their attention elsewhere. I promised to sit on my hands, while asking for Austrian support against Russia, content to pick up 1 build and head north until I secured Sev. In the spring Austria told me one thing and did another, in the fall, she “misordered” the support into Rumania, so I was left build less. My negotiation tactic throughout this white washing was ” you just screwed me, but I want to work with you, so lets try this again” which freed up Austrian armies to engage the Germans and opened up the Balkans. I played nice for another year, accepting Austrian support into Rumania, and warning the Russian about it in the hopes that he would pull his fleet, which he did.

    In 05 the temptation of the Balkans grew to be too great. I stabbed Austria for two, and put an Italian army in an Austrian Greece, which I wasn’t thrilled about, but knew I needed to knock the Austrian down quickly. Italy said he would send his fleets west if I gave him the build. Unfortunately, France pulled back off Italy and an Italian campaign West looked pretty unlikely. So I took Greece for 8 and dropped my third fleet.

    Italy invited France into two dots the following year, and I was able to grow one at Austria’s expense, but I didn’t have any images of the solo, as France looked like the big threat on the board with England down to one unit, Italy inviting him into centers and Germany with few fleets and engaged against the remaining Austrian and Russian units.

    But Germany dropped a fleet in 08 and France continued chewing up the North rather than reinforcing the south (where he only had 1 fleet), so I had a lot of room to play with. I was able to slip into the Tyrrhenian and NaF and left the two Italian units and the French fleet behind my lines while I made a play for the MAO. I walked into MAO and then blitzed north, securing Sev and Moscow and taking an Italian Center for 18.

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