Pyle 6 is under way

Weasel Pyle VI, our longest running Diplomacy event, is under way at Eric Brown’s home in Wayne. We’ve got three boards.

Exchange of the day so far:
Eric Brown: You look familiar. Have we played before?
Nathan Kos: Were you the guy who played France and invaded me?
Eric Bown: No, that wasn’t me.


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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    Another Kos comment:
    Nathan Kos:[/b] I almost wish I could advise you. [Beat.] Not that I know what I’m doing.

  2. Nate Cockerill

    Big Thanks to Eric Brown and Mrs. Brown for being amazing hosts of the Pyle once again. Congrats to the Sneak and all Weasels for a stellar year of Diplomacy!

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