Shake-Up on the Sneak

A Message from the Prime Weasel


It is with regret that I inform you that two of our own are leaving the nest to test the diplomatic waters of other cities. Christian MacDonald (C-Mac), CODCON Open 2011 Champion, is headed to Seattle, Washington in the next several weeks. Peter Yeargin, defending North American Grand Prix champion, is headed in a few months to Washington, D.C. Losing these two means not only losing two strong diplomacy players, but it also means losing two of your elected Sneak officers. Christian was a founding member of the Sneak and has served as our treasurer for three years. During his leadership, we have never run a deficit or had a negative audit finding. Peter provided the leadership in launching our new web site and actively maintaining it. It is with great regret that I inform you that I have accepted the immediate resignations of both Christian and Peter. I would like to thank both of them for their service to the club.

When a member of the Sneak resigns, the Sneak selects replacements to serve out the remainder of the term. Christian’s spot would be up for election this August at Weasel Pyle. Peter’s position would not be up again until 2012. The Sneak has selected Pete McNamara (P-Mac) to fill Peter Yeargin’s remaining term. P-Mac will be assuming the role of treasurer. Peter Yeargin has been appointed to Christian’s slot on the Sneak, meaning his position will be up for election in August. I would like to thank both Peter’s for stepping in to fill these holes.

In August, in addition to the position that was Christian’s and now will be Peter Yeargin’s on the Sneak, both myself and our founder and spiritual leader, Jim O’Kelley, will be up for re-election. If there is sufficient interest from members interested in running for a position, I will consider proposing expanding the Sneak to the mystical number of seven. This next term will be a critical one for the club as we prepare to host the World Dip Con in August 2012. In the coming weeks we will also be preparing our bid for the North American Dipcon to also be at Weasel Moot 2012. If you have any questions or interest in serving in a leadership role within the club, please let me know.

Speaking of Weasel Moot, we have had an overwhelming response already from travelers making the pilgrimage to Chicago. Hopefully we will be able to count Peter Yeargin and C-Mac in those numbers! More importantly, I hope that we can also showcase our local talent and demonstrate why we have the best Diplomacy club in the world.

Happy negotiating!

Your Prime Weasel,
Christopher M. Davis

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  1. Ted McClelland

    I’m glad I got to stab Peter while he was a Weasel. It was like striking out Ted Williams. I’m even gladder the pictures are on this website.

  2. Jim O'Kelley

    [quote]I’m glad I got to stab Peter while he was a Weasel.[/quote]
    Once a Weasel, always a Weasel. You don’t stop being one of us just by moving away.

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