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Peter Yeargin and Christopher M. Davis were the board toppers in Games 135 and 136, played last night at Cinner’s Chili Parlour & Cocktail Lounge. Yeargin tacked on a few points to his club lead. Prime Weasel Davis, meanwhile, leapt into sixth place, knocking Royale fixture Matt Sundstrom out of the money, at least for the time being. Here’s a look at the final center counts for both games:



Game No. 135
Austria (Brian David): 2; 1.626 points.
England (Jason Yeaman): 1; 0.407 points.
France (Laura Mueller): 6; 14.634 points.
Germany (Matt Sundstrom): 8; 26.016 points.
Italy (Peter Yeargin): 11; 49.187 points.
Russia (Patrick Boylan): 4; 6.504 points.
Turkey (Benjamin Gates): 2; 1.626 points.
Game No. 136
Austria (Christian Kline): 4; 5.229 points.
England (Peter Yeargin): 9; 26.471 points.
France (Christopher M. Davis): 12; 47.059 points.
Germany (Ted McClelland): 1; 0.327 points.
Italy (Peter Lokken): 0; 0.000 points.
Russia (Nate Cockerill): 0; 0.000 points.
Turkey (John Gramila): 8; 20.915 points.

The supply center charts are here. Let’s turn it over to the players.

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    Game No. 137, our record-setting seventh of the month, is currently under way at Ballydoyle in Downers Grove. With six months and a day remaining in Season 6, the competition for the seven Royale spots is likely to be fierce. There are five players currently within 25 points of Mark Weiskircher.

  2. Ted McClelland

    Here’s my game in a nutshell: I’d screwed over Chris Davis in our last two games, so I decided to be nice to him. Nate Cockerill screwed me over in our last game, so I decided to be a dick to him. Neither approach turned out to be in my best interest.

  3. John G

    I felt very frustrated this whole game. I was originally trying to work with Russia (Nate), but he wanted to keep his fleet through 01, and he had let me into Black Sea/I snuck into (the details are fuzzy) by moving to Rum in S01, so I had the upper hand. Then he helped Austria in 02 in an attempt on Bulgeria and he wanted to keep his fleet in F02, so I moved to Armenia and slogged after Sev then Rum for the next 2 years.

    Italy kept saying he wanted to work with me, but that working with me always involved me taking Serbia and crippling the Austrian and never involved any help against the Russian (even after the Russian started stabbing him) and he had fleets in Ion, Apu, and Adr, and from the start he had made it clear that there was a strong DMZ with France in Wes Med. So there was no way I was going to help him.

    The year I took Rum France had also moved to Piedmont, and Italy was toast with his fleets bunched up in the East and French fleet pouring into the Med. I went up three that year by taking Serbia and walking into the Italian owned Greece.

    Another frustrating aspect of the game was the last turn, which saw Italy and Russia both throw a dot France’s way, which increased his score by 10 points (and decreased mine by 4, not that I’m bitter). But, that’s the benefit of being late to the stab party, people aren’t as pissed at you.

  4. Ted McClelland

    On a side note, Peter Lokken had the best-looking woman I’ve ever seen around a Diplomacy board crawling all over him. His center count declined rapidly after she showed up.

  5. Jim O'Kelley

    [quote]On a side note, Peter Lokken had the best-looking woman I’ve ever seen around a Diplomacy board crawling all over him.[/quote]
    How much were you drinking? That was Nate Cockerill.

  6. Mark Weiskircher

    Couldn’t help but notice that Yeargin played both boards. Topped one and got 2nd on the other. Unreal. You can’t beat him when he plays two boards! šŸ˜›

  7. Peter Yeargin

    Well, to qualify here, I spent most of my concentration on the Italian game and less so on the second game. Chris was a good ally for the most part and let me grow without interfering too much. I helped him here and there a little, but we mostly just stayed out of each other’s hair.

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