New look Central Shuffle kicks off at CODCon

Now in its fourth year, the Central Shuffle minor circuit will have a new look when it kicks off at CODCon next month. For starters, it will feature only three events.


The second event will be Weasel Moot, to be held Sept. 9-10 at the Days Inn Chicago. So far, you’re thinking, it looks similar to previous years. Well, here’s the big change: The third and final event will be DipCon, which this year is being hosted by the Carnage Accords in Fairlee, Vt. Yes, Vermont. The Central Shuffle is branching out. Dip Con will be held Nov. 4-6.

We’ll score all three events this year using the Grand Prix scoring system. To be eligible to win, you must play in at least two of the three events.

The winner will receive a plaque. In addition, his or ner name will be inscribed on the permanent Central Shuffle Cup, along with previous winners Graham Woodring in 2008, Matt Sundstrom in 2009, and Dirk Knemeyer in 2010.

It all starts at CODCon in less than four weeks. See you there.

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    [b]Note:[/b] I corrected this article. In the original version, I wrote that players would have to compete in at least one of the Chicago events plus DipCon to be eligible to win the Central Shuffle. That’s incorrect. As previously published (, players may compete in any two of the three events to qualify.

    That said, you should go to Carnage. It’s a great venue and a lot of fun.

  2. John G

    I’m excited about soloing 20 times in this tournament.

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