Madness! Sunday’s game in jeopardy!

The streak is on the line. We’re scheduled to play a house game for a sixth consecutive weekend on Sunday, but the game is in jeopardy.

Host Peter Lokken was called away to Buffalo. He won’t return until the late afternoon on Sunday. In addition, Peter Yeargin had to drop from the game due to a business trip. That has left us with five players without a home for the game.

  1. Aash Anand
  2. John Gramila
  3. Nate Cockerill
  4. Josh Kanto
  5. Ted McClelland
  6. Nadji Allan 
  7. Joaquin Aguilar

Standbys: Mike Morrison, Jim O’Kelley and Don Glass

Nate Cockerill has stepped up and is willing to host, although he may opt to do it at Cinner’s rather than his home. His home and Cinner’s are both in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood. I am willing to play, but I can only do so if I also host the game in Oak Brook. I have my son for a few days–I can keep him entertained at home and still play Dip. However, if I host, then one of the current players will have to drop, so either way, we’re at five.

If you can help us salvage this game, please comment below, and let us know if you’re available to play in the city, the suburbs, or both. Thanks!


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  1. Ted McClelland

    I am also willing to host, for the second weekend in a row. I have a very Diplomacy-friendly apartment, with many rooms and corners. I am willing to play if the game is in Chicago.

  2. Don Glass

    I’m willing to play if necessary wherever the game ends up. I’m working graveyard Sat and Sun so I will be happy to defer to anyone else.

  3. Jim O'Kelley

    Okay, the game will be in Chicago, hosted either by Nate (Lincoln Square) or Ted (Rogers Park), to be determined by Nate and Ted. Don Glass and I both are willing to round out this board if necessary — I was able to line up someone to watch Kevin on Sunday if necessary — but we’ll give you a chance to play first, so speak up if you want the seventh and final spot…

  4. Jim O'Kelley

    Ted will host the game at his place in Rogers Park. We’re now at seven, counting Mike Morrison and Aash’s friend. Don Glass and I will be the standbys, but hopefully we won’t be needed.

    Please note that Ted will provide soft drinks and some beer. If you want snacks, bring ’em. And be prepared to pitch in for pizza.

  5. Nadji Allan

    I’m Aash’s friend – name’s Nadji Allan. I’ve heard a lot the group, and I’m looking forward to sunday.

  6. Ted McClelland

    I persuaded Mike to play by reminding him that he’s topped the board in both games played at my place.

  7. Aashirwad Viswanathan Anand

    Wow, we had better watch out for that pattern on Sunday! Also 5 out of 7 players in this game have topped a board this season. Should be good.

  8. Jim O'Kelley

    Joaquin Augilar, friend of Peter Lokken, is in; Mike Morrison joins Don and me on the standby list.

  9. Mark Weiskircher

    This game is looking like The Lions v. The Lambs. Good luck Lambs! :-*

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