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…which is the fairest title to get?


This weekend in Austin, Texas, the North American Diplomacy Federation will crown its first champion at the inaugural biennial NADF Masters. The event will give our hobby a third "North American" champion.

  • The North American Champion is the winner of DipCon, the annual open event that rotates around the continent. The 2010 winner was Eric Mead of Seattle.
  • The Grand Prix Champion is the player who posts the best set of four results in qualifying North American Grand Prix events. The 2010 winner was our very own Peter Yeargin.
  • The NADF Champion, or Master, will be the winner of an invitational tournament in which every player finished on at least one top board in a Grand Prix-qualifying event in the past two years. We’ll have our first champion by Sunday night.

Of the three crowns–DipCon, the Grand Prix and the Masters–which would you rather wear, and why? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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  1. John G

    The Champion is the one who will come to win all three then travel 1 year back through time and win them all again.

  2. Peter Yeargin

    Hmm…I vote for Grand Prix. šŸ˜‰

  3. Andy Bartalone

    Grand Prix. Its the most comprehensive.

    I think there are things that should change about how the Grand Prix is scored, but I am certainly not volunteering to run it or anything.

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